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Avalon A4 Water Cooler

Avalon A4 Water Cooler A4BLWTRCLR Review

Are you looking for a new (or another) water dispenser – aka water cooler – for your office or place of business? The Avalon A4 Water Dispenser is an extremely popular machine that could be…

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Big Berkey vs Seychelle Water Filter

When you’re considering a water filter, you want one that removes a lot of undesirable elements from your water. Big Berkey filters and Seychelle filters do just that. Each of these filters is designed to…

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Kalamera Beverage Coolers: 3 Sizes to Choose From

I suspect, based on information (or lack thereof) found at the Kalamera website, that this is another overseas (possibly Chinese) brand, similar to several others you can find. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be…

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