3 Best Iced Tea Makers: All from Mr. Coffee?

It seems just a little strange that the top three best iced tea makers at Amazon should all be made by Mr. Coffee.

Or does it?

Coffee isn’t that much different from tea when it comes to making a pot of it. You heat some water, add some coffee/tea, let it sit for a while as the two components mix together, and when you’re satisfied that it’s ready, you drink it.

Sure, the flavor and effects are vastly different, but that isn’t the point here. The point is that Mr. Coffee may have had a head start on this process with its coffee machines and was able to apply that knowledge to iced tea machines better than most of its competitors.

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Mr. Coffee TM1 Iced Tea Maker

Mr. Coffee TM1 among the best iced tea makers
Mr. Coffee TM1

It’s worth telling you up front that there isn’t much difference, other than size, among these three iced tea makers.

Here is what is unique about the Mr. Coffee TM1.

The TM1 has a 2 quart pitcher capacity. It measures 10.43 inches long by 7.28 inches wide by 12.79 inches high and comes in a mostly light blue color.

Two quarts can last a long time, depending on how many people are drinking the tea. If you’re the only one, this smallest (pitcher capacity) of the three models may be all you need.

All three machines are within a few inches of each other in size. The TM1 is not the smallest in this regard.

If you really don’t like the blue and white colors, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Common Features among the Three Makers

All three machines will produce your tea in about 10 minutes or less. You can use tea bags or loose tea leaves in them.

They all feature an automatic shut-off mechanism, have a power cord that is about 26 inches long, and include several tea recipes. (Mr. Coffee doesn’t specify the number of recipes that come with the TM1.)

Each model has parts that should be dishwasher-safe. In the case of the TM1, this includes the pitcher.

Mr. Coffee TM1 Iced Tea Maker

Check the pricing and availability fo the Mr. Coffee TM1 Iced Tea Maker at Amazon.

Mr. Coffee Tea Café BVMC-TM33-RB-1

The Tea Café is the largest of these three models (13.31 inches high by 10 inches wide by 10.94 inches deep) and comes in a shiny black color. (See picture at the top of this article.)

The pitcher holds 2.5 quarts of tea. You get a permanent filter basket that eliminates the need for paper filters. This filter, the basket, the pitcher and its lid are all dishwasher-safe.

What makes the Tea Café stand out from the rest is that you can adjust the brew strength on the machine itself. You can always add the same amount of tea (leaves or bags) and set the strength to your taste with the lever/slider on the machine.

Another nice feature is the reservoir window that help you gauge how much water to pour into the machine. This, along with a marking on the pitcher, help prevent overflows.

The 20 recipes you get with this model are (probably) the most of this three described here.

Mr. Coffee Tea Café

Check the pricing and availability of the Mr. Coffee Tea Café BVMC-TM33 at Amazon.

Mr. Coffee Fresh Tea TM70 Iced Tea Maker

Mr. Coffee TM70
Mr. Coffee TM70

Even though the pitcher that you get is the largest here at 3 quarts, the overall size of the machine seems to be the smallest – 7 inches long by 6.85 inches wide by 12.71 inches high.

You can pick your color with this model. Choose either a blue or a red or a green design.

Just 4 recipes are included with the TM70.

Mr. Coffee Fresh Tea Maker

Check the pricing and availability of the Mr. Coffee Fresh Tea TM70 Iced Tea Maker at Amazon.

Problems with These Iced Tea Makers

The problems and complaints are few and far between, but you should know that I did find a few that you should be aware of. I don’t think any of them are deal breakers though, because the problems could be with the users and not the products.

Several owners have reports on/off button problems with the TM1, but the majority really like their purchase.

You may see some complaints of the pitcher of the Tea Café breaking. These are likely due to putting ice into a hot container, which is something you just don’t do at any time. Pour the hot tea into another container first and then add your ice or cold water.

The TM70 model has many users complaining of the machine leaking. I wonder how many of them are not putting it together properly. That said, maybe there is something in the design that prevent you from easily putting the pieces where they belong to prevent leaks.

Benefits of Iced Tea: Why to Drink This Stuff

My History (Very Briefly) with Iced Tea

When I first tried iced tea many years ago, I wondered why anyone would drink something with so little flavor – on purpose. I mean, there are plenty of liquids you can drink that have a tang or a sweetness or a zip and zing to them that go down much better.

That was then. This is now.

I’ve since discovered plenty of iced tea drinks that have plenty of flavor in them that have me coming back for more.

Besides the flavor factor, I’ve learned there are enough other benefits to drinking iced tea that make it worth buying and maybe even worth getting a specialized machine – like a Mr. Coffee iced tea maker – for.

The Good in Iced Tea

Just like plain, old water, iced tea keeps you hydrated, if you drink enough of it. And while plain, old water on a hot day is great, that extra flavor in a glass of iced tea can be even better.

Staying with the water comparison for a bit, iced tea (and water) is a great alternative to soda pop and other sugary drinks.

That lack of sugar is good for your teeth. It turns out that the iced tea itself is also good for those incisors, canines, and molars.

One of the buzzwords related to ice tea these days is antioxidants. Without getting into all the medical reasons, the boost that iced tea can give to your antioxidant level is a good thing.

Other possible health benefits include calming your nerves, reducing the risks of heart attacks, and maybe even working against cancer.

I am no expert on any of those medical subjects. I’m relying on other online sources from which I’ve gleaned those ideas. If you need details, you should have no trouble finding them with a quick search.

Now on to conclusions about the best iced tea makers from Mr. C.

Conclusions about the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Makers

Despite the few problems mentioned for each machine, these are still considered some of the best on the market.

Owners give them 5 stars more often than they assign 1 star. And as I mentioned, some of these users would probably change their rating if they would use the machine properly.

I would pick one of these three models, mostly based on capacity, and give it a try. For the price of any of them, it’s hard to go wrong.

Here is where you can keep your tea cool after it’s made.

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