3 Top Selling High End Luxury Beverage Refrigerators: Is Higher Better?

Danby Silhouette Niagara
Danby Silhouette Niagara

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Sometimes you just want a little more class. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but a bit more is what you need. When it comes to beverage refrigerators, classiness might not be the first quality that comes to mind, but there are definitely high end luxury beverage refrigerators in the market.

This review will point you to three of the top selling mini fridge models available today (in 2017). You might not find them as top sellers at Amazon, but they are each among the most popular at other sites that carry them.

Obviously, this may change over time. Another existing model could overtake them, or a new model could emerge that has all the class and even better features. For now though, these three are worth more than a passing glance.

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Notes about These “Beverage Refrigerators”

Using the phrase “beverage refrigerator” to describe each of these machines is a little deceiving because you can store much more than drinks in them. You might like to call them “mini refrigerators” or “compact fridges” instead because you can keep most kinds of food in them, in addition to the beverages.

Also, even though I will mention it again later, those who require a Sabbath mode refrigerator should be aware that, of these three, only the U-Line model has a Sabbath mode and is Star-K certified.

How Do the U-Line, Summit, and Danby Models Compare?

Usually, the best way to compare similar items is to arrange them side by side. It’s no different with these beverage fridges, so let’s look at the features and specifications in the table below.

Volume (cu. ft.)
Capacity123 bottles / 185 cansn/a123 cans
Temp. Range (deg. F.)34 – 4536 – 5035 – 50
LightingLEDLED (white)LED
Shelving3 adjustable glass3 adjustable glass3 stationary
Reversible Door?YesYesNo
Built In / FreestandingBuilt in; freestanding requires kitBothBoth
H x W x D (in.)34.125 x 24 x 23.2534.5 x 23.88 x 24.1334.44 x 23.82 x 25.88
Sabbath Mode?YesNoNo
Door Lock?n/aYesn/a

Even though no information about can or bottle capacity is available for the Summit model, you can figure it will be close to the same amount as the others, based on volume.

Speaking of the volume, the Summit’s volume is sometimes specified as 5.5 cubit feet and sometimes as 5.6. That 0.1 cubic foot difference probably won’t matter to you in the long run. I would consider it virtually the same as the Danby fridge.

One final item to note about the table above is the door lock. I would assume that, if a refrigerator had a door lock, the manufacturer would let us know about it. Since that information is not available for either the U-Line or the Danby, I think it’s safe to say that neither of them come with a lock.

The U-Line 1224RS-00B Beverage Refrigerator

U-Line Mini Fridge
U-Line Mini Fridge

You can get U-Line model 1224R in any of 4 finishes: stainless, integrated, black, or white. (The characters after the “R” in the model number indicate the type of finish. Thus, the model above is “stainless”.)

The “integrated” version is sometimes called “panel ready”. Initially it comes as a very plain looking door. For an additional cost, you can get a wood grain front panel that integrates with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry. This panel is not provided by U-Line. I believe this means that you would shop elsewhere to try to get a panel that matches the finish of your surrounding doors and drawers.

Black finish
Black finish
Integrated paneled
Integrated paneled
Interior filled
Interior filled

If you don’t like the basic door handle, you can optionally get a “commercial” handle that is ⅞ inch in diameter or a “professional” handle that measures 1 ¼ inches in diameter.

See the U-Line 1224RS-00B Compact Refrigerator at Amazon now.

The Summit CL68ROS Refrigerator

You can use the Summit model outdoors. Here is the manufacturer’s description of the unit in this regard.

“Specially designed for weatherproof use and user convenience, the CL68ROS is the ideal refrigerator for outdoor kitchens. The cabinet and seamless door are fully wrapped in 304 grade stainless steel to stand up to the elements, with a sealed back for added safety and easy cleaning.”

The CL68ROS comes with 2 alarms. One sounds if you accidentally leave the door open. Normally, this shouldn’t be a problem, if you have it leveled properly. The other alarm lets you know if there is a problem with the temperature. If it gets too warm or too cold, the alarm will sound. If the temperature is out of its normal range, you probably have a mechanical problem to look into.

Check the availability of the Summit CL68ROS refrigerator at Amazon.

The Danby DAR055D1BSSPR Silhouette Niagara

This model is part of Danby’s Silhouette Series. You may see it simply called the Silhouette Niagara, with no reference to Danby at all.

As mentioned above in the table, this compact refrigerator does not have adjustable shelves. You may at first see this as a negative for this model. But if you think about it, you probably wouldn’t adjust them that much even when this feature is available. Danby probably has the shelves set where most people would use them anyway.

A curious point about this Silhouette model is that, even though it is a popular seller, it is not currently listed at the Danby site. It may be that Danby no longer manufactures it, but it is still readily available in the marketplace (as it is at Amazon).

Check out the Danby DAR055D1BSSPR at Amazon now.

Conclusions about These Luxury Mini Fridges

As I stated at the top, sometimes you just want a little more class. I think all three of these compact fridges provide that for you, but of course, you’ll have to pay a little more to get it.

If the added cost is worth it in your mind, you should have no worries about the U-Line, Summit, or Danby models. Pick a color and a style and go for it.

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