About Chilly Blue

Welcome to Chilly Blue!

At Chilly Blue, you will (eventually) find all you need to know about keeping things cool. There will be reviews and articles about beverage refrigerators, water coolers, ice makers, standard refrigerators, beer keg and compact refrigerators, freezers, ice cream machines, iced tea machines, wine chillers, and so much more.

As of this writing in October of 2017, Chilly Blue is just getting started. It’s going to take a while for all the above to be created. Hopefully you’ll visit more than once to see what’s new.

I enjoy cold beverages and foods of many kinds. I’m sure you do too. Unless you live way, way up north where the weather is cold all year around, you probably need one or more appliances for keeping food and drinks cool and cold.

Hi! I’m Gary Sonnenberg, creator of Chilly Blue.

I started Chilly Blue to help you (and, to be honest, me) find the best cooling appliances available today. It’s my goal to present the good and the bad and the in between related to these coolers, chillers, and freezers.

I will always give you my honest evaluation of each item based on my research and the research and opinions of others, especially owners and users.

Here’s hoping you find something you like and that you find Chilly Blue a useful source of information for your cooling needs.