Best Soda Maker: SodaStream Is Still the Champ

SodaStream Source
SodaStream Source

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Note: Much of the information in this review is based on tests done by the good folks at Wirecutter.

If you like fizzy, carbonated drinks, perhaps you often buy soda pop or similar beverages. If you have some unique tastes or want to pay less for these drinks over time, you should consider getting your own soda maker.

With a soda maker, you use regular tap water (filtered is good) and add (infuse, to use the jargon) as much carbon dioxide (CO2) as you like. Then, with most makers, you can add the flavor or flavors of your own choosing.

In this review, I’ll look at several soda makers with you. One, and only one, of them can handle more than plain water.

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