Danby Silhouette Niagara Compact Refrigerator Review: Popular But Rare?

Danby Silhouette Niagara compact refrigerator
Danby Silhouette Niagara compact refrigerator

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The Danby Silhouette Niagara compact refrigerator poses a bit of a conundrum. It seems to be quite popular on several websites, yet it’s not currently shown on the Danby site.

It may be that Danby is no longer manufacturing this model, though that would seem unusual for such a popular one, and I have no proof that this is the case.

In this review, I’ll take a look at the features and specifications I have been able to find on sites other than Danby’s. I’ll try to show you what might be making this compact fridge such a crowd pleaser.

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What Are the Main Features of the Danby Niagara Cooler?

Here is another part of the puzzle. The Niagara mini fridge doesn’t have any extra features that make it stand out from the pack.

Maybe that’s what makes it stand out from the pack.

If you simply want a basic fridge that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, this is the luxury model you want.

You can install it either as a freestanding unit or built-in under a counter. Note that, especially if you go with built-in, the door opens to the right and is not reversible.

The door is stainless steel which works well with many types of decor. The rest of the cabinet is black, which, of course, you’ll only see if you leave it as a freestanding unit.

The 5.5 cubic feet of space inside can hold 123 12-ounce cans. There are no wine racks, so you would be taking a risk trying to put such bottles on the shelves.

Danby DAR055D1SSPR open
Danby DAR055D1SSPR open

You get 3 glass shelves in the main compartment. Some information I have found says that these do not slide out, but the owner’s manual shows that you can remove them. (See an owner’s comment below, too.) There are 3 door bins which are not adjustable. You can store one-gallon containers in the door.

The digital control panel lets you do basic functions such as turn the unit on and off, turn the lights on and off, raise or lower the thermostat, and switch between the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. You can set the temperature between 36 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature rises above 73 degrees Fahrenheit or falls below 28 degrees, an alarm will sound, so you can check the unit to find the problem.

This model is Energy Star Rated, but that’s about it for compliance and certifications. It is not Star-K certified (so no Sabbath Mode), nor is it ADA compliant. It’s not approved for commercial, medical, or outdoor use.

The cabinet measures 23 13/16 inches wide by 25 14/16 inches deep by 34 7/16 inches high. Take note of these measurements if you plan to install it under counter.

You can use the legs on at least the front edge of the cabinet to level it, so the door goes shut properly. Another alarm will sound after 5 minutes if the door is left open.

About Danby

Here is Danby’s own description of the company.

“Danby is one of the largest household appliance marketing companies in North America, with an impressive lineup of compact, specialty and home comfort appliances to suit the lifestyles of today’s consumer. Founded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1947, as a manufacturer of small electrical appliances and compact refrigerators they are committed to providing exceptional quality and value. Danby is proud to have over 60 years in the business of providing quality appliances to the North American market and thanks to their customers, business keeps getting better.”

What’s the Verdict on the Danby Niagara Cooler?

The Danby Niagara is really a simpler version of the Summit CL68ROS. If you could compare the owner’s manuals side by side, you would immediately see the similarities. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that both of these fridges were made by the same manufacturer. Not that that is a bad thing.

One owner commented about the shelving.

“The shelves are removable, which makes this fridge very versatile. We removed the bottom two shelves so that we can store beer as well. Because the shelves are slatted, you could also store the beer on the shelves without removing any if you preferred.”

In general, owners are pleased with the performance of the Niagara. Those who have complaints speak of problems that occurred during shipping – dents and so on. So if your purchase survives the trip intact, you should be very pleased with this basic yet luxurious looking refrigerator.

Danby Silhouette

Check the pricing and availability of the Danby Silhouette Niagara compact fridge at Amazon.

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