EdgeStar KC1000 Kegerator Review: Too Small or Just Right?

EdgeStar KC1000ss kegerator
EdgeStar KC1000ss kegerator

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The EdgeStar KC1000 kegerator is a fairly popular model. The question for you is: Is it too small for what I need or is it just the right size?

I will give you some information and thoughts about the KC1000 in this review to help you answer that question intelligently.

If you’re in a hurry and just need to check the pricing and availability of the EdgeStar KC1000 kegerator at Amazon, you can click (tap) the link below.

As far as I can tell, this model only comes with a stainless steel finish on the door, so you will often see it referred to as the KC1000SS. I have shortened that here to KC1000 simply for comparison to other models such as the KC2000.

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What Are the Main Features of the EdgeStar KC1000 Kegerator?

The KC1000 kegerator was an Amazon “best seller” at one time (and may be again as you read this). The table below shows you some of the features that make it so popular.

Capacity (keg size)1 Sixth or 1 Cornelius
Internal LightingBlue LED bulb
Dimensions HxWxD (in.)32 11/16 x 17 ½ x 20 ⅛
Nominal dimensions HxWxD (in.)33 x 18 x 21
Door Lock?Yes
InstallationFree standing
Leveling legs?Yes
Reversible door?Yes
Control TypeDigital
Warranty1 year parts; 90 days labor
NSF approved?Yes
Weight (lbs.)63.8
Temperature Range (degrees F.)32 to ?

EdgeStar doesn’t provide the upper limit of the temperature range. It is probably in the area of 50 degrees, which is plenty chilly for many liquids.

EdgeStar KC1000 open
EdgeStar KC1000 open

You might already be familiar with the different keg sizes (such as the Sixth and the Cornelius, or Corny, mentioned above), but in case you’re not, there is an excellent description here at Kegerator.com that will explain the differences for you. It also gives you the common nicknames by which you may have heard these sizes called.

You get an empty CO2 canister that you will have to get filled yourself before you can operate the kegerator.

There is a spill tray under the tap handle for the occasional dripping that will happen in that area. It protects the main unit itself from unnecessary damage.

EdgeStar KC1000 tap
EdgeStar KC1000 tap

You cannot install custom panels on the door of this model. You get what EdgeStar calls the “modern” style look. If you don’t like modern, look elsewhere.

There is no door alarm telling you that someone has left the door ajar. This probably won’t be a big deal because there are leveling feet which you should be able to adjust so the door always closes by itself.

EdgeStar KC1000 controls
EdgeStar KC1000 controls

The KC1000 model is not approved for commercial or outdoor use. It’s for your personal use inside your house (or perhaps your garage). In some climates, you might be able to take a chance on using it outdoors (perhaps just temporarily), but you do so at your own risk.

This unit is not Energy Star compliant, so it might use a bit more electricity than some models.

It has just 1 draft tower and 1 tap. EdgeStar does make other units with more, but those are the topic for another review.

It all complies with Prop 65, so it is okay to use in California.

The KC1000 is the smallest in this line. If you don’t intend to use your kegerator very much, this is probably the one for you. The next model up is the KC2000.

What You Get with the KC1000

Here is a list of all the pieces you get, which is enough to completely setup the system and get it running.

  • One 2.5” stainless steel beer tower with stainless steel faucet
  • One 2.5 pound CO2 tank (empty)
  • One single gauge regulator
  • One stainless steel D coupler
  • One 5 foot 3/16 inch ID (Inner Diameter) beer line
  • One 5/16 inch ID gas line

Conclusions about the EdgeStar KC1000 Kegerator

Many beer lovers who were looking into purchasing the KC1000 have asked about the size of keg you can use. As noted in the table above, you can only use one Sixth barrel or one Cornelius keg (Corny). As I mentioned earlier, this is the smallest model that EdgeStar manufactures, so it makes sense that only these smaller kegs will fit (along with the CO2) inside.

Here is some advice from one owner.

“It took about 10 minutes to put this together. Word of advice, after connecting the keg and CO2, let it sit for a few hours. The first few pours will be foamy but it will subside as it beer settles and the CO2 regulates.”

The KC1000 is presented as a free standing unit, but if you are considering trying to install it into a counter area, read what this user has to say.

“The size is perfect. Slim and narrow which is what I needed. I only had 18″ width to work with and this fit perfectly in the space I had.”

Note that one user found out this requirement about the type of keg you need.

“This requires a Sanke[y] style keg, not a ball or pin lock.”

Several owners had trouble getting it to cool near 32 degrees. Some of this may be due to a faulty temperature gauge as noted by this user.

“The current temperature readout gets “stuck” on a temperature value, UNLESS you cycle the F/C button, then it will switches back to the proper temperature.”

Despite the few problems a few owners had, this is a highly rated unit overall. Unless you often have larger social gatherings or don’t like the stainless steel look, the KC1000 should work nicely for you.

EdgeStar KC1000

Check the pricing and availability of the EdgeStar KC1000 Kegerator at Amazon.

EdgeStar KC1000 Kegerator

Check the pricing and availability of the EdgeStar KC1000 Kegerator at Ebay.

If the KC1000SS doesn’t seem to be what you need, check out the larger EdgeStar models in this review.

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