EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator Review: Probably Just the Right Size

EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator
EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator

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Do you often have parties where you offer beer as one of the adult beverages of choice? If so, you should seriously consider the EdgeStar KC2000 as your beverage dispenser.

This kegerator handles the most common sizes of kegs, fits well into virtually any decor, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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What Are the Main Features of the EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator?

I’ll discuss some of these features below, but here’s a quick overview of the main features you’ll want to consider when looking into purchasing a full size kegerator and beer cooler.

Capacity (keg size)Up to Half Shell Sankey Standard
Dimensions HxWxD (in.)48 1/2 x 20 1/10 x 24 13/16
InstallationFree Standing
Leveling legs?Yes
Reversible door?Yes
Parts warranty1 year
Labor warranty90 days
NSF approved?Yes
Nominal dimensions HxWxD (in.)49 x 21 x 25
Weight (lbs.)81.6
UL listed?Yes
Temperatur range (degrees F.)Low 30s to mid 40s

EdgeStar says that this model holds up to a “half shell Sankey standard” keg. Virtually no one else uses that terminology. What you want to know is that you can put a half barrel inside this unit.

KC2000 with a half barrel inside
KC2000 with a half barrel inside

Note, however, that the KC2000 does not support Coors or Miller rubberized or other oversized kegs. Just make sure that you don’t end up with one of these types, and you’ll be fine.

You might already be familiar with the different keg sizes. But in case you’re not, there is another handy table here at Kegerator.com that will show you the differences. It also give you the nicknames of these kegs – names which may be more familiar to you.

In the table above, you’ll notice two sets of dimensions. What EdgeStar calls the “nominal” are the measurements you really need to use if you are installing this kegerator close to other cabinetry or appliances. You need that extra half inch or so to be able to roll or slide it in and out of its space.

That said, it’s important to know that the CO2 canister mounts outside the main unit in the back. You need to account for the space as well when deciding where to place the KC2000. This is one of the reasons that this is considered a free standing model. You need to be able to easily get at the back of the cabinet to replace or remove and refill the CO2 tank.

This is where the casters come in handy. You can roll the unit into its usual place and easily roll it out to get at the canister in the back without scuffing up the floor.

If the floor isn’t a problem, you could alternatively let the cabinet sit on its leveling legs and not bother with the casters.

What Other Features Does the KC2000 Have?

The EdgeStar KC2000 has just 1 draft tower and 1 tap. EdgeStar does make other units with more, but those are the topic for another review.

It complies with Prop 65, so it’s safe to use in California.

There are a number of features absent from the KC2000 that, if you require any of them, you’ll just have to look at a different model instead. Maybe the KC7000 is more to your liking.

Some owners like to have all of their appliances match the surrounding decor and so install custom panels on new items. Unfortunately, you cannot install custom panels on the door of this model. That said, the black finish of the KC2000 should look nice in just about any setting.

There is no door alarm telling you that someone has left the door ajar. This probably won’t be a big deal because of the leveling feet which you should be able to adjust so the door always closes by itself. If you are using the casters instead and the door closing is a problem, you can likely rig something to make the unit lean in the proper direction so the door closes by itself.

The KC2000 is not approved for commercial or outdoor use. You could take it outside for a party temporarily, but mainly it’s for your personal use inside your house (or perhaps your garage).

This unit is not Energy Star compliant, so it might use a bit more electricity than some models.

What Equipment Do You Get with the KC2000?

Each KC2000 unit comes with everything you need. The only exceptions are that the CO2 tank is empty, so you’ll have to find a source of CO2 to fill it, and obviously you have to supply the keg.

  • Stainless steel column draft tower
  • Domestic D system Sankey coupler
  • 5 foot length of 3/16 inch ID (Inner Diameter) beer line
  • 5 lbs. aluminum CO2 tank (empty)
  • Spanner faucet wrench
  • Chrome plated brass faucet
  • Single gauge regulator
  • 5 ft. length of 5/16 in. ID vinyl air line
  • Drip tray
  • Black tap handle

It almost goes without saying that, if you keep these pieces clean between uses, they should last a very long time because they are quality items.

Verdict on the EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator

All the EdgeStar kegerators are both popular and highly rated. As of this writing, it is listed as a “#1 Best Seller” at Amazon among beer keg refrigerators.

Here is what one owner has to say about the KC2000 in particular.

“Seriously awesome. Easy to put together although I did watch the youtube video because the CO2 stuff a bit confusing. Took a bit to get the PSI right but once it I set it to 14 and gave it a few minutes it was pouring solid brews and not a bunch of foam.”

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you decide to get a KC2000 for yourself.

EdgeStar KC2000

Check the pricing and availability of the EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator at Amazon.

If you’d like to see other sizes and models of kegerators made by EdgeStar, check out this overview.

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