EdgeStar KC3000 Kegerator: When You Need Just a Little More

EdgeStar KC3000 Kegerator
EdgeStar KC3000 Kegerator

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If you are regularly responsible for providing adult beverages for larger parties and social gatherings, you need an easy way to dispense plenty of brew. The EdgeStar KC3000 kegerator could be just the appliance you need to fulfill your duties.

EdgeStar does make other sizes of kegerators, such as the KC2000, which is just one step down from this KC3000. They also make the huge KC7000 which feels like its industrial sized. This KC3000 hits the spot right in the middle of these models that can provide all you need for a full day or evening of socializing.

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How Much Can the EdgeStar KC3000 Hold?

The EdgeStar KC3000 is one of the more spacious units available in this price range. Inside, you can set a sixth barrel, quarter barrel, or half barrel of beer.

With the proper hardware, you can house combinations of the smaller barrels at the same time.

KC3000 with multiple barrels
KC3000 with multiple barrels

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to use the larger half barrel, you can load it with two sixth barrel kegs, for example. Maybe there’s a special mix of home brews or commercial brews that you want to try together. This setup with the single tap on top could be just the way to experience new tastes.

How Much Space Do I Need for Installing the KC3000?

The actual dimensions of the KC3000 are 33 ½ inches high by 23 ⅝ inches wide by 23 ⅜ inches deep. EdgeStar gives nominal dimensions of 34 by 24 by 24, which essentially just rounds up the fractional amount.

This is intended to be a free standing model; that is, you’re not supposed to insert it into your existing cabinetry. That said, I don’t really see why you couldn’t treat it as a built-in model.

The KC3000 does come with casters, so you can easily roll this large kegerator around. (It weighs nearly 80 pounds.) If you do attempt to turn it into a built-in, you may choose not to use the casters so you can fit it into a smaller space.

Note that the KC3000 is not approved for commercial or outdoor use. You’re supposed to keep it in your kitchen, den, or man cave.

How Do I Assemble My New KC3000?

Rather than walking you through the assembly steps in print, check out this good video from Kegerator that shows and tells you how to do it. This video also references the KC3000 Twin model.

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How Do I Control the Temperature in the KC3000?

The KC3000 has a digital readout showing the current temperature inside the unit. Technically, this number shows the set point temperature, but you can use it as a guide to raise or lower the actual temperature as needed.

There are easy-to-use buttons on the top front of the model that you can use to set the temperature from 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus you can select the exact coldness of your brew to match your personal preference. Generally, colder is better, but there are exceptions.

The unit includes an automatic defrost feature, but since you theoretically can’t set it below freezing anyway, you really shouldn’t have to worry much about frost build up. If you do experience frequent frosting problems, your unit probably needs some sort of repair.

EdgeStar KC3000 with a half barrel
EdgeStar KC3000 with a half barrel

What Parts Are Included with the KC3000 Unit?

As noted in the video above, you get everything you need for setup and use except the beer keg itself. This includes the following list of pieces.

  • One stainless steel column draft tower
  • One domestic D system Sankey coupler
  • One 5 foot length of 3/16 inch ID (inner dimension) beer line
  • One 5 lbs. aluminum CO2 tank (empty)
  • One spanner faucet wrench
  • One chrome plated brass faucet
  • One single gauge regulator
  • One 5 ft. length of 5/16 in. ID vinyl air line
  • One drip tray
  • One black tap handle

It’s important to note that the CO2 canister is empty upon arrival. You will need to find a place locally that can fill it for you or else purchase another already filled container.

Also, something not mentioned in this official list nor shown in the video is that you get two wire shelves so you can use this as a mini fridge when you don’t have a barrel inside. There is no fan embedded in the unit, so the temperature will vary a little from front to back, but it should still keep food or drink cool enough for future use.

What Is the Warranty on the EdgeStar KC3000?

Speaking of repair, you get a 1 year warranty on the parts of the KC3000 but just 90 days on labor.

If you ever need to take it in because the repairs are more than you can handle yourself, keep that in mind so you’re not blindsided by the cost.

Conclusions about the EdgeStar KC3000 Kegerator

The EdgeStar kegerators, including the KC3000, are both popular and highly rated, however, there are several features that you do not get with this model.

There is no door lock. The door is not reversible, so you need to take that into consideration with your existing decor.

You cannot install custom panels on the door. You can choose between a black or a stainless steel door.

The KC3000 is not Energy Star compliant, but it does comply with Prop 65, so it is safe to use in California.

If any of the above “missing” items is a deal breaker for you, then you’ll need to look at another line of kegerators. If not…

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EdgeStar KC3000 kegerator at Amazon now!

If the KC3000 isn’t quite the size you were looking for, check this article that tells about additional options for EdgeStar kegerators.

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