EdgeStar KC7000 Kegerator: Big Brew

EdgeStar KC7000 stainless steel kegerator
EdgeStar KC7000 stainless steel kegerator

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That’s a lot of beer! That’s what you might say when you see that the EdgeStar KC7000 kegerator can hold an oversized barrel or up to 3 smaller barrels.

If you are ever likely to need that much brew, then you should take a good long look at the KC7000 kegerator. This review will give you that look to help you decide whether or not this model is for you.

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What Are the Specifications of the KC7000?

First, here is a quick look at the specifications in a handy table. More discussion of some of these will follow.

Capacity3 Sixth or 3 Cornelius or Oversized
Dimensions HxWxD (in.)34 ⅜ x 23 13/16 x 25 ⅜
Nominal Dimensions HxWxD (in.)35 x 24 x 26
Door Lock?Yes
InstallationBuilt-in or Free Standing
Levelling Legs?Yes
Reversible Door?Yes
Control TypeDigital
Parts Warranty1 year in home
Labor Warranty1 year limited
NSF Approved?Yes
Weight (lbs.)115
Temperature Range (degrees F.)32 to 60

As I mentioned at the top, you can hold a lot of beer in this kegerator – 3 sixths, 3 Cornelius kegs, or 1 oversized barrel. Other combinations of the smaller kegs are possible too.

Why would you want to keep and dispense so much beer?

If you have a lot of friends who like beer and you have a lot of parties with them, you just might need the KC7000.

KC7000 with large keg inside
KC7000 with large keg inside

If you have the type of business where a lot of people would enjoy your brews, this might be the kegerator you want.

If you have a family who drinks a lot of beer (not to excess, of course), this size of kegerator might work even in this case because you can store it for a fair amount of time.

Seeing that you can install this model either as a built-in or a free standing unit, it should work in virtually any and every setting. If you have a space within your existing decor that can handle the nominal dimensions shown above, you should have no problems making it a permanent addition to your appliances.

“Since this unit vents from the front, it can be installed under counter, flush with your cabinetry, for a seamless look in your kitchen or bar area.”

You can’t change the front panel, but the “modern” look that you get out of the box should work well with the vast majority of kitchen or den or rec room styles.

The KC7000 isn’t officially approved for outdoor use, but I don’t see why you couldn’t roll is outside for a day for a party or other social event. Especially if you are able to keep it in the shade out of direct sunlight, it should be able to maintain a decent temperature for as long as you need it to. That said, if the temperature outside is 80 or more, this unit will have a hard time keeping up.

If you do use it outdoors on occasion, be a little careful about closing the door, especially if you can’t level it properly for whatever reason. There is no door alarm to alert you that the door hasn’t closed tightly. This could be a significant problem while outside. That said, you really shouldn’t need to open the door at all (and you can lock it), considering again how much you can hold inside the unit.

KC7000 lock just above front vent
KC7000 lock just above front vent

If you plan to use a kegerator outdoors a lot, you might consider purchasing one specifically made for outside use.

It’s a little unfortunate that this model has only 1 tower and tap. With that much beer inside and with the number of people you’re likely to have using it at one time, it would be nice to have two or three taps available. Fortunately, EdgeStar does make kegerators that do have more than one tap. You can see one of them at Amazon here.

What Hardware Do You Get with the KC7000?

The list below shows you all the necessary pieces you get to start enjoying your KC7000. Note that, even though you get a “commercial grade” regulator, this unit is not approved for commercial use.

CO2 canister inside the KC7000
CO2 canister inside the KC7000

Also, it is important to realize that the CO2 tank is initially empty. You’ll either have to take it somewhere to be filled or buy (or exchange it for) a new filled container.

  • One domestic D system Sankey coupler
  • One 5 foot length of 3/16 inch ID (inner diameter) beer line
  • One 5 lbs. aluminum CO2 tank (empty)
  • One spanner faucet wrench
  • One 304 stainless steel faucet
  • One commercial grade dual-gauge regulator
  • One 5 ft. length of 5/16 in. ID vinyl air line
  • One stainless steel drip tray

Conclusions about the EdgeStar KC7000 Kegerator

Some owners have gotten a little creative with their KC7000 and mounted the tower into a wet bar inside their homes. Talk about installing it as a built-in model!

Users say that setup is very easy, taking an hour or so. Some of the components, such as the coupler and faucet, may not be the highest quality available, but they work just fine.

Problems with the EdgeStar KC7000 seem to be few and far between, so I think you will be satisfied with your purchase for many years to come.

When looking for the KC7000 at Amazon, you might find the KC7000SS (stainless steel front panel, as shown at the top of this article) version more readily available than the KC7000BL (black panel).

KC7000 with black front panel
KC7000 with black front panel

Check the pricing and availability of the EdgeStar KC7000 kegerator at Amazon now!

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