hOmelabs 120 Can Mini Fridge: Great for Party Time

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At our house, it would take a long time to go through 120 cans of just about anything. However, if you like to host parties, the hOmelabs 120-Can Mini Fridge is just the cooler you’ve been looking for.

Let’s take a look at what makes this such a popular wine and beverage coolers. I’ll give you all the features and specifications so you can see why this might be a mini cooler that fits your needs.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to check the pricing and availability of this hOmelabs (That’s not a typo; it’s how the company stylizes its brand name.) cooler, you can click (or tap) the link just below.

hOmelabs Mini Fridge Features: Nothing Unexpected

There’s really nothing spectacular about this mini fridge, and that just may be what makes it popular. You don’t have to learn how to use it. It does what it claims it will do. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

hOmelabs 120 can mini fridge

As the name implies, you can fit 120 standard size cans of your favorite beverages inside this cooler. If you want to opt for large cans or bottles of wine, you will, of course, need to reduce that number. Most of the time, you won’t have the full complement of cans housed inside though. Even if you buy in bulk, you still might only fill it half way on most days.

You set the containers on 3 adjustable, removable chrome shelves. That chrome finish should help when it comes time to clean them. Removing them makes it easy to clean the bottom of the interior of the cooler. You know there’s going to be a spill in there sooner or later. It’s nice to know that mopping up won’t be too hard.

To keep those contents cool, you can set the temperature controls as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit. The actual temperature achieved will depend on where you position the cooler itself and how much you have stored inside. It’s probably safer to assume that you’ll usually only be able to chill your drinks down to the upper 30s or so.

There is a “whisper quiet compressor” working behind the scenes, along with a fan, to keep the temperature as stable as possible in this single zone mini cooler. It runs on 120 volts at 240 watts, so if you’re power goes out and you’re running on a portable generator, this machine won’t use up too much juice.

Even though you can’t set the thermostat to the freezing point or below, you still get an auto defrosting function built into the unit. It’s possible, with a lot of opening and closing of the glass door, for a little frost to accumulate inside, so this is a great feature that obviates the need to manually defrost the cooler – a real pain as anyone who’s ever needed to do it can tell you.

A final important note about the temperature: Since the lowest possible temp you can expect is 34 degrees, do not attempt to store perishable foods in this cooler. It’s a cooler, not a freezer, even though the word “fridge” is sometimes used to describe it.

Specs of the hOmelabs Cooler

Starting on the outside of this stainless steel frame unit, you’ll need a space just over 33 inches high by 19 inches wide by 18 inches deep to place this cooler. (The actual measurements are 33.25 inches by 18.87 inches by 17.3 inches, despite what the diagram below shows.)

Inside measurements are 29 inches high by 16 inches wide by 12 inches deep. This gives you 3.2 cubic feet of space – a figure normally only needed for comparison purposes.

hOmelabs mini fridge

This is a free standing mini fridge, but as long as you can give it breathing space, you can treat it like a built-in as well.

There is a white LED light bulb inside, so you can easily see how many cans are left no matter what time of day it is. Also inside is a digital temperature display. The temp that it shows is what the chiller will reset itself to in the event of a power outage, once the power comes back online.

Conclusions about the hOmelabs 120 Can Cooler

The vast majority of current owners are more than pleased with this hOmelabs cooler. The handful that have complaints either got a (rare) lemon or weren’t using the machine properly.

So if you’re often hosting parties and really need a place to store and cool lots of beverages, especially those that come in standard size bottles or cans, this hOmelabs cooler is definitely the first one you should look at.

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