Kalamera Beverage Coolers: 3 Sizes to Choose From

I suspect, based on information (or lack thereof) found at the Kalamera website, that this is another overseas (possibly Chinese) brand, similar to several others you can find. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be interested in Kalamera beverage coolers though.

In fact, at least one of the Kalamera coolers I’ll walk you through below is extremely popular at Amazon. On the other hand, one of them is quite unpopular amongst its owners.

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Keep reading to find out which is which, or if you’re in a hurry and just want to check the pricing and availability of each Kalamera chiller at Amazon, you can click (or tap) the links in the list just below.

Kalamera 96 Can Beverage Cooler: Narrow Yet Roomy

Kalamera 96-can cooler
Kalamera 96-can cooler

Despite its relatively small size, you can fit a lot of cans of beer, soda (aka pop or coke, depending on your location), seltzer, or other fun liquids into this Kalamera fridge (model number KRC-90BV). It measures just 14.9 inches wide, 33.9 inches high, and 22.4 inches deep, without the handle. Add 2 inches to the depth when you attach the handle.

You can use the Kalamera cooler either freestanding or as a built-in / undercounter cooler. If you choose to install it as a built-in, make sure you have an opening at least 15.3 inches wide by 34.1 inches high by 22.4 inches deep. You don’t need to leave a lot of space behind this unit, since it vents out the lower, front panel.

This stainless steel unit has a glass door that is reversible. Inside you’ll see blue LED lighting and either 4 or 6 racks. I’m not sure which number is correct. The Kalamera site says it has 6 sliding metal shelves, but it also says it has 4 removable racks. Both could technically be true, but I think it most likely has a total 4, considering its overall size. If you find that it actually has 6, rejoice (and let me know).

Cooler Controls

Kalamera cooler controls
Kalamera cooler controls

There are four buttons at the top front that you can use to control the temperature and lighting. The one at the far left lets you switch between Fahrenheit and centigrade (Celsius) scales on the display – though why you’d want to switch to Celsius if you live in the States, I don’t know.

Two of the buttons are for setting the temperature, moving it either down or up, depending on the type of liquids you’re storing inside. You should theoretically be able to maintain a temperature between 38 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, though your actual experience may vary.

One of the conditions that may cause fluctuation in temps is how often you open the door. Letting in unfiltered air can also affect the contents. Kalamera tries to acknowledge this at their site with the following statements. (Note that this is one of the reasons I believe this to be an overseas company.)

“The air inside and outside of the cooler will exchange each time the door is open and closed, so you need a filter to filter the air for your collection and we think for you. The embedded carbon filter can help purify the air again odors inside the cooler and gives a good reservation condition for your can and bottles.”


The last control button simply turns the light on and off.

Locking and Specs

This unit has a “built-in universal hexagon bolt lock” so you can keep unwanted fingers from taking your drinks without your permission. This lock is located at the center of the lower front panel.

Kalamera claims that the compressor that runs this cooler is “whisper-quiet”. You’ll probably agree with that, but it will depend a little on the room in which you install it and whether or not it’s freestanding.

Finally, here are the technical specs of the Kalamera KRC-90BV.

  • Input voltage: 110 Volts / 60 Hz
  • Input power: 90 Watts
  • Rated current: 1.5 Amps
  • Weight: 72.8 lbs.

As of this writing, about three quarters of the owners of this machine were pleased with their purchase. (This is the popular one I mentioned earlier.) Most of the problems seem to relate to the formation of ice on the unit. This could mean ventilation problems or mechanical failures.

Kalamera 96 Can Cooler

Check the pricing and availability of the Kalamera 96-Can Beverage Cooler at Amazon.

Kalamera 150 Can Beverage Cooler: Average All Around

Kalamera 150-can cooler
Kalamera 150-can cooler

The Kalamera 150-can cooler (model KRC-120BV) is average in several ways. It’s in the middle of the pack size-wise. Owners give it so-so ratings. It’s not as flexible as its brothers, but you might prefer it when it comes to capacity versus cost.

Differences from the 96-Can Cooler

You might at first think that the only real difference between this model and the one above is capacity – 96 cans versus 150 cans. While that, in the final analysis, is probably the main reason to get one of these chillers over the other, there are some other significant differences to note.

You can only install this 4.2 cubic foot beverage center as a freestanding unit. It’s not made to be put under a counter. It measures 19.5 inches wide by 33.1 inches high by 22.8 inches deep.

The door is not reversible, and there is no lock to keep out the bad guys. The door swings to the right, so keep that in mind when deciding where you might place it. Speaking of placement, since the vents are on the sides, you’ll want to try to stand it where there is sufficient air flow on the left and the right. Don’t have something else smack up against the coolers sides.

There are 5 (not 4, not 6) removable, wire shelves. Definitely 5. No questions on this one.

Specifications are as follows.

  • Input voltage: 100-120 Volts / 60 Hz
  • Input power: Unavailable, sorry
  • Rated current: 1.5 Amps

I couldn’t find the warranty information for the smaller cooler above, but this one has a limited, 1-year warranty on replacement parts. Not great, but better than nothing.

Kalamera 150 Can Cooler

Check the pricing and availability of the Kalamera 150-Can Beverage Cooler at Amazon.

Kalamera 24”, 175 Can Beverage Refrigerator: How Many Cans?

Kalamera 175-can cooler
Kalamera 175-can cooler

Why do I ask, “How many cans?” when it says right in the heading that this is a 175-can cooler?

Maybe it’s because math is hard, but even though the heading at Amazon also says 175, the description says “up to 170”, and the Kalamera site and some customers say it only handles 154.

This model (KRC-150BV) measures 14.9 inches wide by 33.9 inches high by 22.4 inches deep, giving it 5.3 cubic feet of space. So while it’s definitely bigger than the 150-can unit above, the question is just how much bigger. Is the additional 0.9 cubic feet of space enough to hold 25 more cans or only 4 or some amount in between?

My math tells me that you should be able to get about 25 more cans in nearly a cubic foot of space. Whether these measurements match the unit you receive might be a more pertinent question.

The Kalamera 175-can cooler is the problem child of the trio. The cooler itself seems to be as good as can be expected, but far too many of them are arriving at their destination with dings, dents, and more serious malformations.

It’s impossible for me to tell what the actual source of these deformities is. Is it bad engineering in the packing department? Is it the transportation company mishandling the merchandise? Is it end users who are careless when taking it out of the box?

Whatever the true cause or causes, this Kalamera fridge definitely has a lower rating in the online reviews than it should have if you were to base your judgment on the size, the quality of parts, and the functioning of a good unit instead of the looks of a unit that was damaged before you even plugged it in.

Comparison of the 96-Can Cooler vs 175-Can Chiller

This unit actually has more in common with the smallest cooler, other than size.

You can install it as a built-in, undercounter, or as a freestanding cooler. It has a lock and a reversible door, and it vents out the front. The tech specs are identical.

The only other real differences are that it has 5 wire shelves (like the 150-can model) and that, being larger, it weighs more at just under 105 pounds.

Kalamera 175 Can Cooler

Check the pricing and availability of the Kalamera 175-Can Beverage Cooler at Amazon.

If none of these Kalamera beverage coolers were quite what you wanted, check out this one from Avallon.

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