NewAir ABR-1770 Beverage Cooler Review: Stylin’ While Entertainin’

NewAir ABR-1770 cooler
NewAir ABR-1770 cooler

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The NewAir ABR-1770 beverage cooler is a stylish unit that will serve you well for any entertaining you do, especially during the holidays.

If you tend to make your beverage purchases in bulk – at a warehouse or club store, for example – this NewAir refrigerator could be just the container you’re looking for to hold them all.

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What Are the Main Features of the NewAir ABR-1770?

There are a couple of features that you can almost take for granted in a modern cooler such as this. One is that it uses a compressor cooling system. This makes it more efficient and quieter than older systems, which you would probably find mostly on the secondary market nowadays.

The other is that you get (blue) LED lighting on the inside. Most manufacturers have decided to use LEDs because they produce little to no significant heat that would otherwise warm up your bottles and cans.

You can set the interior light in the NewAir ABR-1770 to full on, half power, or totally off. Since this beverage cooler is designed both as an under-counter (The unit is vented at the lower front.) and as a stand-alone unit, where you decide to install it will probably determine which light setting you use most often.

The ABR-1770 holds 177 cans or 92 bottles, if you change the arrangement of the shelves. You can see the “177” buried in the middle of the model number. You can use this for many (but not all) cooler models as a quick reminder of the can capacity of the unit.

There are 6 removable wire racks. According to users, these can bend fairly easily, so take care when removing and inserting them. NewAir emphasizes that there is no space for stemware storage here. You may wish to keep wine bottles inside, but don’t try to chill your wine glasses in there.

Watch the video below to see the ABR-1770 in use and to learn about the NewAir company as a whole.

What Are the Specifications of the NewAir ABR-1770?

The ABR-1770 has a 22.4 inch deep by 23.4 inch wide by 33 inch high black, frost free cabinet. As noted in the video above, NewAir made it this size to match most trash compactors. This lets you swap the one for the other, should you so desire.

Initial setup is virtually nonexistent. NewAir recommends that you let the unit sit for 2 hours after unpacking. Then simply place it where you want it and plug it in.

You can use the digital controls just inside the door near the top to cool the interior down to 36 degrees or set it as high as 64. An internal fan helps to keep the temperature uniform throughout. There are plastic tubs inside to increase humidity control.

Depending on your source of information, the stainless steel door (framed) has either double or triple paned glass. Whichever it is shouldn’t matter too much. Even double pane greatly increases the insulating properties of the door, thus adding to the ability of this fridge to maintain a steady temperature and humidity setting.

The door is also reversible, so you can place it next to just about anything without worrying whether you’ll be able to open it easily or not. It has a keyed lock to prevent youngsters or other unwanted “guests” from getting inside when they shouldn’t.

NewAir gives you a 1-year limited warranty on this unit. Quoting the NewAir site….

“During the first year, any components of this appliance found to be defective due to materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced, at the manufacturer’s discretion, at no charge to the original purchaser. The purchaser will be responsible for any removal or transportation costs.”

There are the usual restrictions on this warranty. For example, natural disasters, power failures, and general misuse of the cooler are not covered.

What’s the Verdict on the ABR-1770?

This is a really solid fridge that works as advertized. The few owners who have noted any problems with the cooler say that those problems originated during shipping and were not really an issue with the unit itself.

Whether you decide to get the NewAir ABR-1770 for your kitchen, your game room, your den, or any other location in your house, I think you will be pleased with your purchase.

NewAir ABR-1770

Check the pricing and availability of the NewAir ABR-1770 Beverage Cooler at Amazon.

But if you just don’t think this is the best beverage cooler for you, check out the others described in this article. I think you’ll find one that does fit your needs.

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