Two Frigidaire Apartment Size Fridges with Rave Reviews

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Are you looking for quality and reliability in an apartment size refrigerator? Of course you are.

Frigidaire apartment size fridges have what you want. In this article I’ll look at two of their best models with you – FFET1022UW and FFET1222UV. (Why they can’t give these things more memorable names, I dunno.)

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Just Tell Me the Difference between These Fridges

Okay, I’ll get right to the point for you.

The FFET1222UV is a couple of inches deeper than the FFET1022UW.

That’s it. Well, almost. There are a few related features that change due to the extra depth in the one fridge.

Frigidaire FFET1222UV

The FFET1222UV (the deeper one) measures 28 ¾ inches deep, including the handle. With the door open to a 90 degree angle, the depth is 50 ¾ inches.

Inside, you get a total (freezer and chiller areas combined) of 11.6 cubic feet of space. That’s divided into 8.4 cubic feet for the chiller and 3.2 for the freezer.

A couple of other related specs affected by the depth of this fridge are the annual energy usage, which is 311 kWh and the overall weight, which is 139 pounds.

Beyond that, there is one more unrelated feature that you might like in the FFET1222UV. It has a smudge-resistant finish with a stainless steel look. I take this to mean that the outside isn’t actually stainless steel but something that Frigidaire considers better, especially if you like a clean look and have little ones around who might otherwise smudge it up.

So What Else Do You Get in These Frigidaire Fridges?

Let’s first look at the outer dimensions, because that is likely to be a deciding factor too, when you’re looking for an apartment size refrigerator.

I already mentioned that the depth of the FFET1222UV is 28 ¾ inches. The FFET1022UW is actually 2.5 inches less at 26 ¼ inches. The latter is only 48 inches deep with the door open to 90 degrees.

Both are 59 ⅞ inches high with the hinge covers in place. They’re 58 ½ inches high otherwise. Each is 23 ¾ inches wide.

Frigidaire FFET1022UW
Frigidaire FFET1022UW inside

The smaller fridge gives you 10.1 cubic feet of space inside. That’s split into 7.4 cubic feet for the chiller and 2.7 for the freezer. So this one uses less energy (297 kWh per year) and weighs a little less (130 pounds).

The rest of these features are the same for both refrigerators.

You get 2 “Store-More” humidity-controlled crisper drawers to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, 2 “SpaceWise” adjustable glass shelving to allow for taller items, and “Store-More” door bins with gallon storage.

This allows for a gallon size storage area in the door, plus 2 full-width door bins both in the freezer and the chiller sections. Gallon container space in the door is a really handy feature.

In addition to the 2 adjustable shelves, there is one fixed shelf.

Bright LED lighting, a common feature these days, lets you easily see what’s inside.

You theoretically should never have to manually defrost these fridges because Frigidaire says both the chiller and freezer are frost-free.

You get both temperature and humidity controls. The temperature controls are located at the top center of the unit. Frigidaire says you can “easily select options with the touch of a button, enabling more precise temperature control than a knob.”

On the outside, the hinges are hidden which gives you a sleek, seamless look. You can reverse the swing of the door to allow for the space into which you intend to put the unit. Sometimes one direction just makes a whole lot more sense than the other, so it’s nice to have this option.

Frigidaire FFET1022UW

For those who perhaps intend to use one of these fridges on-the-go, note that they are free-standing, electric (only) units, that run at 120 amps and 6 volts. The minimum circuit required is 15A. The power supply is located at the right rear bottom.

There are 2 adjustable leveling legs in front and 2 rollers at the back for ease of installation.

These models are both Energy Star certified, CSA certified, and ADA compliant.

Conclusions about the Frigidaire Apartment Refrigerators

Current owners tend to rave about both of these fridges. It’s really hard to find any negative complaints about either one of them.

So I think you’ll be more than satisfied with either model – the smaller FFET1022UW or the larger FFET1222UV.

See the Frigidaire FFET1022UW at Amazon.

Find the Frigidaire FFET1222UV at Amazon.

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